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Company Profile:

Jinisys Software Inc. is a Filipino-owned company and was established due to the market demands on software applications on the Philippine market. Jinisys Software offers property management systems for hospitality, real estates and related industries.  The company has also delivered turn-key application development to more than a hundred companies and businesses all over the Philippines since 2008.

With Above Infranet Solutions Inc. its subsidiary that is known in IT network and communication solutions aims to be globally-recognized provider following international business standards.

Company Vision:

A Globally-recognized Software Solutions Provider.

Corporate Mission:

Deliver world-class business solutions and software outsourcing services.
Provide leading-edge solutions for the hospitality industry.

Jinisys Software Inc. Video

Jinisys Software, Incorporated and Above Infranet Solutions Inc. Video


Company Profile

Corporate Values:

Our Corporate Culture provides growth and development opportunities for all employees, committed to fulfilling the organization’s vision and leading how we respond and take actions.

Customer Success

We believe that developing a long-term business relationship with our Customers is essential to our mutual success.

  • On time delivery of products and services.
  • Sensitive customer’s needs and requirements.
  • Develop “Ownership” mentality.
  • Develop long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship.



We can be relied upon to do what we say by acting with honesty, sense of duty, moral principles and highest standard of ethics.

  • Fair, Ethical and Truthful in all our business dealings.
  • Commit to deliver goods and services as promised.
  • Value and respect TIME.



Stimulate product innovations in order to provide the industry with leading- edge solutions.

  • Continuously Produce Innovative and Superior Products.
  • Foster Creative Thinking
    that Adds Value to the Business.
  • Deliver services with the highest degree of Excellence.



We ensure quality in all products and services that we deliver.

  • Consistently deliver superior quality products and services.
  • Demand the highest quality standards in all areas of the
  • Develop an Internal Quality Management System

Registered and a Certified Partner

  1. Jinisys Software is registered on (SEC)Securities and Exchange Commission.
  2. Registered patent of the Folio+, signed by the Director of Trademarks from Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines
  3. A Partner of Avaya Connect
  4. A Cisco Select Partner


Team Work

We work together to resolve problems, improve processes and build the future in an atmosphere of mutual harmony and
respect towards a common vision.

  • “Together, Everyone Achieves More”.
  • Seek ways to contribute to team goals.
  • Foster openness and compassion among members.
  • Leverage the abilities of all members.


Individual Success

We value our assets by means of promoting people empowerment, professionalism and improving life of our employees.

  • Foster and environment of highly-motivated individuals.
  • Promote Personal Wellness.
  • Build up our employees’ abilities through education and


Stimulate product innovations in order to provide the industry with leading- edge solutions.

  • Continuously Produce Innovative and Superior Products.
  • Foster Creative Thinking
    that Adds Value to the Business.
  • Deliver services with the highest degree of Excellence.


Social Responsibility

We recognize our social responsibility, towards the environment and the community.

  • Nuture healthy balance between Work and Family.
  • Promote positive contribution to the Community.


Our Story

Everything started when two best friends wondered what kind of software program could make a difference. An idea popped into their heads, a program that could be useful for hotel management. This was great idea, since at that time there where no standard hotel programs that directly address the needs of hotel management, its operations and adhered to the hotel guidelines.

At the that time they had no permanent office so they had to build the program in their respective houses and in cafes. During the development period, they encountered financial problems and had to fund the project themselves.



Jinisys Software Inc., is a systems integrator and network infrastructure service provider. Provides property management systems for parallel markets in hospitality and real estate. Offers custom software development services. Visit more of our solutions here.


Our clients are our utmost priority and we make sure that we cultivate healthy relationship with them by getting to know their business, giving clear contracts, and becoming a problem solver. Our key to success is building relationship that goes beyond one-time projects and deliver value to these clients on a constant and continuous support.

We transform ourselves as a resource by providing what our client needs and sharing any useful information to them. Jinisys rewards loyal clients and have vision towards partnerships.

See the partial list of clients for Jinisys Software.


Learning never stops, that why we don’t stop learning. Jinisys gives you the opportunity to learn more with the existing and new technologies. Be part of Jinisys family and let us grow together.

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Jinisys Software aims to provide reliable research output through the use of various research tools such as surveys and polls. Our research involves hospitality, and real estate industries bringing meaningful results to various readers.