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Hospitality industries are the top futuristic businesses that most investors should always consider. In the Philippines, the booming tourism attracts both domestic and international visitors, and the numbers are increasing every year. Due to this, hospitality businesses have increased their profit through the significant number of guest arrivals and bookings. More guests mean more business transactions, and most small and medium-size organizations tend to use manual handling of transactions such as record keeping and reporting. Even before, the use of manual hotel management has been adopted and applied on daily operations by many companies. The manual administration has always been an option for companies especially for SME’s. Today, this approach is overtaken by technology-powered solutions.

In the modern era, hotel management goes to a new level by embracing modern technologies such as property management for hotels that takes different labels such as hotel management system, hotel software, hotel system, and hotel management software. The primary goal of hotel management software is to take down the disadvantages of the manual handling of hotel operations.

SAP Hotel  Software Advantages over Manual

  • Speed up the process. Hotel systems are designed to efficiently save, retrieve, send, calculate and sync data into the database thus making the processes fast. Having fast transactions makes more money, good customer experience and convenient for hotel users.
  • Less Errors. Hospitality software are programmed to prevent duplicate entries, wrong data type inputs. Also provides text preservation when accidentally erased.
  • Real-time results. Computers with high specifications plus a high performance hotel system would definitely give real-time results from any transactions like saving data inputs, updating and deleting of data entries.
  • Accurate Daily Revenue Reports. Due to the real-time and error free features, hotel managers have access to an accurate daily revenue reports that can be either showed or printed.
  • Prevent Double Booking. In manual operations, double booking is a common scenario but hospitality software can avoid this occurrence due to system trappings and checks.
  • Timely Financials Reports. One of the many systems reports is the financial information, and can be done through SAP Business One for SME’s.
  • Nationality Report. In the Philippines, all hospitality business that offers accommodation needs to submit a nationality resort  to the Department of Tourism for compilation. Most report feature of hospitality software have the nationality report.
  • Market segmentation. With a hotel system, managers and owners can better track the types of visitors that usually have and from that data they can see if their business is targeting the right market.
  • Collaboration of various departments. There are many types of hotel users that belongs to a specific department or division, with a hotel system it can promote good collaboration various departments due to real-time reporting and display status.

The above advantages of a hotel management system are just a few of the many features that the software can have. Jinisys Software’s property management system for hotels is designed to address the needs of both the hotel and its users following the hotel standards and process in the Philippines and internationally.


Jojo Balagosa

Jojo Balagosa

Sales and Marketing Manager at Jinisys Software Inc.
A software Consultant for hospitality and real estate solutions in the Philippines. General manager for sales and marketing for Jinisys Software. You may follow me on Jojo Balagosa
Jojo Balagosa

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