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Call Plus - Call Accounting System

Call Plus is an Call Accounting System that is highly efficient yet trouble-free call tracking system. It provides a quick and detailed record of both national and international direct dialing.

Our call accounting system can discriminate calls made from the various sections of your company’s structure, and keeps all the records in its system making them accessible to you anytime. Call plus automatically computes the cost of a phone call with flexible rate configuration. It logs outgoing and incoming calls and even dialing errors for auditing purposes.

Jinisys as systems integrator, can also provide the right hardware for call accounting system such as PABX, Voip, terminals, and GSM gateways for proper interaction with Call+.

Some call accounting features
  • Monitors outgoing calls
  • Displays information such as numbers dialed, extension, call duration, call cost
  • Calculates call costs and records calls
  • Strengthen call data from different phone systems
  • Provides network analysis
  • Centralize call record storage for easy searching for specific calls for compliance and investigative purpose
  • Controls expenses
  • Allocates costs to different departments
  • Reporting custom for managers and supervisors
  • Provides database tools for better data management
  • Provides advance setup for system administrators
  • Enables multisite management that gives multiple remote monitoring
  • Enables data transfers through LAN/WAN, RAS, central site, shared folder, local, buffer modem, and FTP

All call logs reports are being presented on a user friendly format making call management easy and effective. All types of call accounting reports can be easily be forwarded to various key personnel in the organization for better monitoring. With Call+, call management and accounting is easy, profitable and controlled.

Publisher: Jinisys Software Inc.
Current Version: Call+ 2.0
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