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PABX Communication Middleware

PABX Software Communication Middleware is a feature of call accounting system (Call Plus) that integrates with some of the most popular PABX brands including NEC.

CTI-based housekeeping management module enables the housekeepers to update room status (room dirty or room clean) directly from the hotel room phone.

Manages the Mini-Bar Sales from the guest room phone. The housekeeper shall inspect the room's consumed minibar items and forward the information to the front office module via guest room phone.

Private Automatic Branch eXchange commonly referred to as PABX or PBX interchangeably is a system used to manage and route telecommunications. It is responsible for connecting end users on phone lines automatically without the need for manual human operation as well as providing useful features that make communication easier.One of the revolutionary features included is the additional of an automated interactive attendant that greets callers and retrieves information as to what the purpose of the caller is. Depending on the buttons or numbers the caller inputs, the attendant forwards him to the appropriate department queue for handling.Another useful feature is the ability to hold voice conference rooms and even video conferences depending on the level of equipment used.

Typically, the system comes in the form of a hardware blade that fits into a slot in the server rack. However, advancements in technology have spawned various forms of the system that has each its own advantages and disadvantages.Some of the current forms are the standardon-site and the IP PABX systems.

The IP-PABX system has all the features and functions of the standard on-site system, the main difference is the integration of network equipment and the utilization of the internet for communication instead of traditional PSTN/Digital lines. Using the internet for communication is much cheaper due to the reduced cost of voice and video calls. This allows for more profit and the additional of advanced features that were not possible with PSTN/Digital lines such as video conferencing and cloud storage.

PABX Philippines Supplier
Jinisys Software Inc. is also a supplier of PABX in the Philippines bringing the banner of NEC and Avaya.

PABX Services in the Philippines
Jinisys is offers Philippine IT services such as systems integration and IT network infrastructure that needs PABX implementation.

Publisher: Jinisys Software Inc.

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