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Emergency 911

Emergency 911 provides for a closed-loop approach to emergency call service from distress call, to dispatch, to scene-of-the-incident response, all of these events are recorded and captured by the system. It is very similar to US Emergency 911. Services referred to as Public Safety Answering Point.

Emergency 911 is Jinisys Software’s answer for the need of businesses for an efficient emergency response system. Safety and security is absolutely essential in any business. It is imperative to keep your staff and employees safe and secure during emergencies.

In most emergencies and accidents, people often die or suffer serious injuries due to the untimely notification of local safety officers. A few minutes could mean life and death in the event of serious incidents. The incompetence of a company to provide proper safety and emergency responses could lead to lawsuits and penalties.

Emergency 911 is a web-based middleware application similar to that of the United States 911 public safety answering point. In the event of an emergency, the system contacts the proper safety authorities and transmits crucial information such as the location of the user and accident reports through calls and the internet.

Listed below are some of the features the system contains:
  • Automatic pinpointing of the user’s location through IP
  • Built-in monitoring system
  • Distress calling and dispatch
  • Database recording and updates
  • Full NEC SV8000 series compatibility
  • Incident response function
  • On-site staff notification

The system is comprised of 5 modules that handle specific systems tasks. The dispatcher module is responsible for call dispatching; it also acts as a command center. The Administrator module is responsible for maintenance functions and monitoring. The call module is responsible for call distribution and information acquisition. Information is crucial to safety officials so that they can respond appropriately to different types of incidents. The information includes number, landmark, and location identification. The responder module is in charge of collating statistic reports and executing emergency responses.

Respond to incidents and emergencies fast and effectively with our Emergency 911 system specially designed to help your company’s emergency response team operate efficiently. Ensuring the safety and security of all your employees and staff is now a reality.

Emergency 911 is developed in a Web-Based Technology. It has five modules: Call Taker Module (Automatic Call Distribution, Call-back Capability, Landmark Identification, Automatic Number & Location Identification, Knowledge-base, Conversation Playback & Call History), Dispatcher Module (Call Dispatch & Command Center), Responder Module (Emergency Response), Administration Module (Maitenance) and Responder Module (Statistics Reports).

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