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Event Plus - Event Management Module

Event Plus is an event management module add-on for hotel software. It provides a hassle-free event management process. It enables group bookings on event like seminars, conference, trade shows, or even weddings and debuts.

Event Management is a crucial branch of hotel management. Hotels are not only a center of guest accommodation but it is also used for various functions. Events are held in a short-time basis where the participants stay within the hotel for hour (s) or day(s). Hotels that cater event functionalities can gain more extra profits aside from guests stay.

Business discussions and transactions are everywhere; most organizers choose hotels with restaurants as a venue due to its existing staff. The next common problem arises when handing a number of attendees that requires the right holding place. Events are usually participated by groups that share the various privileges labeled by the organizers and hotel managers. These privileges may include food, facilities and amenities access.

Usually a for hotel that offers event accommodation, number bookings has never been a zero but it also depends on the hotel’s qualification over a certain criteria set by its customers. The number events held are directly proportional to the number folios need. Each folio may record transactions from a specific customer or group. In the manual approach on saving transactions on different folios can be exhausting and trends to be faulty at times.

In today’s generation, nothing is impossible with technology only by harboring the right components. Jinisys Software as a software engineering company has been an expert on gathering various technologies delivering services and solutions that aims to handle most of the management task that are needed by the organization. One of the products that Jinisys provides is Event+.

In just a click, this newest module will help your sales representative make a detailed and accurate event contract. They should be able to customize and cater guest's requirements such as conference room facilities, participant's room preferences, food menu and other physical arrangements.

This module also allows easy configuration and pre-setting of package inclusions and details. It’s a quick and easy way all-in-one module.

Publisher: Jinisys Software Inc.
Current Version: Event+ 3.0

System Requirement


ETV Software


ETV Software