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A good hotel property management software (PMS) is something that can make your life easier when managing your hospitality business. With that said, even though there is a plethora of software providers in the market today, most of the time, business owners do not know what they want.
Each PMS has the capability to provide hotels with various functions, features, and benefits that can sometimes be confusing to the buyers. It would be best to get comments and suggestions from your operators and staff so you would have a concrete information to ensure you get an effective PMS for your hotel to avoid buying an inadequate system that can cost you money.

The following are the things to look for so you can make the best decision when choosing a PMS for your hotel:

A PMS specifically made for hotels

A PMS for hotels should be able to streamline your most frequently performed tasks. This includes processing of reservations, assisting guests to check in and out of the hotel, room assignments, guest or group management, inventory tracking, billing and reporting needs to be quickly completed. Interface should also be easy to use for faster processing of tasks.

The ability to distribute globally

Getting new guests is one of the best ways to achieve long term success. Be sure your PMS can connect to other hotels with a Global Distribution System (GDS). This type of connectivity lets hotels gain access to heavily traffcked Online Travel Agents like Travelocity,,, Expedia. Hotwire, and Priceline. Hotels get limited opportunities to market what they got without GDS connectivity. This is really helpful when you want to attract tourists outside your country.

Online Booking Engine

Various online resources are often used by travellers around the globe when they want to plan their trips. However, hotel websites are still the main source of information when it comes to lodging and destinations. With this in mind, your PMS needs to let your hotel enhance its existing site with a booking engine. This lets your website become its own booking channel without the need to pay commissions to other travel websites out there, which means you save more money. This also gives you the chance to keep researching travellers to book with you when they see how easy it can be to book directly through you.

Hotel Revenue Management

Your PMS should be able to help optimize your hotel’s financial capabilities on top of improving operations and giving you more marketing opportunities. Integrated hotel revenue manager can let you adjust rates across the board to maximize revenues while giving you the capability to monitor the impact on performance metrics. This can give you complete control on your finances and lets you keep everything on track.

You also need to look into how the PMS is implemented. There are two ways to get it implemented:

On-Premise (Installed)

On premise systems are those that require the system to be physically installed within your hotel. On premise system requires hardware server to run. This type needs to have additional space to house the hardware. If you have the budget and space, on premise system should be fine

Cloud Computing (Web-Based)

Cloud computing, you simply need an internet connection to get the system running. This is a type of software as a service (SaaS). Unlike on premise system, this does not need hardware because the server is run and maintained by your provider. This, however, requires strong internet connection. The best feature of cloud based system is you can access your data even if you are not in your hotel.

Between the two, cloud computing has more upside. However, if your hotel is in a location with poor internet service or signal, on-premise type can provide you what you need for a PMS.


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