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Cloud Hotel Management System



Folio Plus - Philippines #1 Cloud Hotel Management System

Folio Plus Cloud is the latest software release by Jinisys Software, Inc. It is a cloud based hotel management system that offers unique features designed to provide ease, convenience and greater level of productivity in hotel operations. It simplifies the tasks of managing Hotel Frontdesk and enables the user to be up-and-running in no time with its familiar browser look-and-feel, revolutionary design
and graphical data manipulation approach.

With Folio Plus, all essential features you need for an excellent hotel management experience are provided such as room reservations, room assignments, guest check-in, check-out, housekeeping, guest billing and cashiering.

Key Features

1. Enhanced Reservation Management

This can handle single, group, function reservation and quick blocking. It has two options of booking either through room type or room number.

2. Flexible Cashiering Module

Folio Cloud Enables you to manage transactions, routing transaction, or posting of charges to any account. This also has the facility to generate guest billing for extra persons.

3. Comprehensive Report Generation

Available reports are in detailed format that will help management and operations to plan their day to day activities.

4. Improved Housekeeping Module

It has Minibar and Housekeeping Inventory used to keep track of available quantity per item. It also has room assignment facility to any housekeeper.

5. Advance Data Protection and Web Access Security

This provides security features allowing only authorized access of information stored in cloud server.

6. Seamless SAP Integration

It provides native data integration facility to SAP Financials for direct posting of charges and payments to guest account ledger.

Others benefits:

1. No Download needed
2. No Installation needed
3. No Server needed
4. No IT Needed

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