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Hotel Management System



Automate Hotel Management Operations - Room Reservations, Room Assignments, Guest Check-ins, Check-outs, & Other Front Desk Activities.


Folio Plus - Philippines #1 Hotel Management System Software


Folio Plus Hotel Management System is a new generation of hotel software that offers exceptional list of features that maximizes operations in Sales and Marketing, Rooms, Food and Beverage, Finance and General Services. Folio+ addresses the needs of hospitality staff and managers on their daily operational requirements enabling task automation. Folio+ has been evolving for every new build and releases which makes it even more robust. These enhancements are done according to the constant improvements by the developers, and the considerations of customer's feedback and requests. We've also just recently launched  Folio Cloud which is a cloud based hotel management system that offers unique features designed to provide ease, convenience and greater level of productivity in hotel operations.

Folio Plus Hotel Management System Software

Hotel Management System Integration for Hotels in the Philippines

Our Hotel Management System can be integrated with other products of Jinisys Software such as Resto+, Call Accounting System, SAP Business One, Event Management, PoS+ and more.
Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System


There are two versions of Folio+, the desktop version and the web based hotel management system. The Desktop version has been deployed on small and large hospitality businesses in the Philippines over the years. The web-based version is under development to be released online in 2014. New features will be introduced harboring the power of web technologies.


All hospitality management essential features are here. From automating hotel management operations such as room reservations, room assignments, guest check-ins and check-outs, and other front desk activities. Folio Plus is an all-in-one hospitality software that follows the standards business standards in hospitality industry. Here are the divisions and departments that Folio Plus features are involved into.

  1. Sales and Marketing Division
  2. Rooms Division
    • F & B Service
    • F& B Production
  3. Finance Division
  4. General Services Division


Together with Folio Plus deployments and implementation, user guides and documentations are added to make sure that end users would have an ease on the understanding the system's flow and process, thus increasing the understanding towards the operations as a whole.


The internationalization of Folio+ will be realized in the year 2014 in Papua New Guinea together with Above Infranet Solutions Inc., a leading systems integrator and network solutions provider.


Folio+ has been installed and used by different universities and colleges as part of their curriculum for hospitality studies.

Publisher: Jinisys Software Inc.
Current Version: Folio+ 4.0


Want to Manage your Hotel Operations via Cloud?

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