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In the hotel/hospitality industry, sustainable growth is always important for a hotel business owner. You will never encounter a hotel owner who is content with his hotel’s economic standing in the market. In business, growth is always better; and in this era of rapid technological revolutions, growth means evolving into a business with a solid technological foundation.

Why is this so?

In recent years, there have been recent booms in the tourism industry of the Philippines. From the periods of January to September 2013 alone, there has been a documented 11.4% increase in visitor arrival statistics (Department of Tourism). That is a substantial rise considering the already high quantities of tourists in the country prior to 2013. These tourists serve as only a partial bulk of potential customers who avail of hotel services throughout various parts of the country. With this steep upsurge in the influx of potential consumers, there has been a need to improve the means of conducting hotel management processes in order to stay relevant and economical in a competitive market. In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is primarily dictated by a business’s performance; and a business’s performance is directly proportional to a business’s managerial capabilities.

The general rule is:
Bad Management = Poor Service = Fewer Customers.


Good Management = Excellent Service = More Customers.

It’s as simple as that. A business’s market standing is purely dependent on its management. The best practices in hotel management include the installation and use of a Hotel Management System or Hotel Management Software. In a fast-evolving technology-driven business world, it is always best to own a software that aids in the management of your business and makes the accomplishment of various work tasks more efficient and effective. The inability to adopt a Hotel Management System might result in a hotel’s failure to accomplish goals that it sets for itself. Using a well-crafted, fine-tuned software for your hotel business saves you both time and effort in carrying out of your managerial tasks and business services.

Jinisys Software saw the hospitality trends in a market that indicated a demand for top-of-the-line Hotel Management Systems. As a company that strives to be globally-recognized, Jinisys Software takes its software solutions development very seriously. With a reputable list of certified partners, the is guaranteed to be a quality software solutions provider. While staying true to its roots, Jinisys Software recognizes the needs of a typical Filipino business owner, and is passionate in delivering quality services that are essential in running a sustainable and competitive business entity.

With the all new Folio Plus – Philippines #1 Hotel Management System, Jinisys provides you a quick-fix software that will revolutionize the way your hotel is being managed. The Folio Plus system, equipped with Intellisense technology, provides your hotel with the ability to document and manage information regarding all hotel patrons, while at the same time, integrates its processes with a tight security system. This software enables you to simplify mundane, and time-consuming tasks that are involved in hotel operations. Its Hotel Frontdesk system is intuitive and easy to operate because of its familiar Windows look-and-feel. Embedded beneath the revolutionary design, is a very complex and precise graphical data manipulation feature.

That’s not all. The Folio Plus – Hotel Management System is also capable of automating various hotel management operations such as room reservations, room assignments, guest check-ins, guest check-outs, and other activities concerned with hospitality operations. Folio Plus is essentially an all-in-one hotel management system designed to better the performance of any hotel business from both a managerial and operational standpoint.

The best thing is: with integration and scaling capabilities, the company’s’ product line of various software solutions provide your business with the opportunity to take management and operations to the next level. Jinisys offers software solutions that cater to communication needs, Point-of-Sale operations, healthcare management, inventory management, and property management to name a few. Jinisys also offers customized software development services that can cater to your business’s core necessities.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get ahead and improve how you conduct your business. Please don’t forget to visit the Jinisys website for a more details regarding the quality line of products that Jinisys can offer, or feel free to contact Jinisys directly and inquire how you can dramatically improve your business’s performance with the Jinisys brand of software solutions.


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Jojo Balagosa

Jojo Balagosa

Sales and Marketing Manager at Jinisys Software Inc.
A software Consultant for hospitality and real estate solutions in the Philippines. General manager for sales and marketing for Jinisys Software. You may follow me on Jojo Balagosa
Jojo Balagosa

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