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For continuous hotel operations, hotel store operations and management should follow the quality standard procedures  and processes to attain a better stock monitoring and maintenance. The need of sufficient stock of goods and equipment is crucial in providing the demands of staffs and users such as Food and Beverage supplies, utensils, toiletries, and uniforms. The challenge would be the implementation of an effective stock control procedures to avoid malpractice and fraud, in which it may lead to hotel financial losses.

The Store Manager Role and Job Description

  • Handles the  overall ordering, receiving, issuing and maintenance of stocks required by hotel  departments
  • Manage the overall hotel inventory items like secure storage in a timely manner
  • Making sure that scheduled orders are followed and delivered according to the vendors requirements and specifications, also includes internal item delivery on every hotel division.
  • Effectively undertake logistics management on all hotel items
  • Professionally communicate with the purchasing department  for the order and item execution
  • Segregation of duties to staff members  under Store Division such as ordering stocks, receiving and issuing goods, and stocktaking
  • Monitors and communicate with the pick-up times for all hotel divisions

Physical Security

Storage Division needs a  personnel that takes care of security account for all the items in the store room especially the high valued ones to prevent theft and pilfering.

Independent Team of staff for Stock Checking

Independent stock checker regularly conduct periodic check-listing inventory items, while the supervisor regularly check for  overall stock inventory.

Disposal of Stores

Disposal procedures and writing-off  stock should be followed. Prior to item disposal it will be approved by the authorized person and should be audited.

Jojo Balagosa

Jojo Balagosa

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Jojo Balagosa

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