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Kitchen Order Routing - Automatic Order Taker System

Whenever a restaurant is usually utilizing a hand written ticket process to get in touch with a kitchen or bar this particular removes the chance to send the ticket to several preparation stations. For example, a good order that contains a fried appetizer, a grilled entre’ and also a alcohol drink is actually difficult to split into 3 individual palm written tickets. Even though they do take the time to write 3 personal order tickets they nevertheless have to run to 3 various planning channels to find the order filled.

What about several copy visitor checks? Sure, they might work for this situation and also were utilized a great deal prior to the creation of the stage of sale system. Nevertheless, have you ever listed individuals several copy guest checks? You can purchase a new stage of sale system in about a year simply on this one aspect alone!

For this ordering system is very complex and time consuming. So what the solution is? Then solution name is Kitchen Order Routing which is automatic order taker system. In the following is given the short description of this super Kitchen Order Routing .So guy’s read attentively and know about these services.

Kitchen Order Routing
Kitchen Order Routing is an addon to Resto+. Resto+ is an order taker, and every time there is an order on Resto+, the restaurant staff does not need to go the kitchen and inform the chef with the new order. Instead the Kitchen Order Routing will automatically update for the new order through the display on the screen (located in the kitchen). There is also a separate touch screen display to confirm the order is finished. It will also print a receipt of the order for verification. You can see this scenario on modern restaurants and fast food chain for better interaction between the cashier and the kitchen. There are many benefits of this outstanding Kitchen Order Routing - Automatic Order Taker system .In the following is given some of the benefits.

Benefits of Kitchen Order Routing
  1. Order accuracy is improved. Items are not forgotten when each preparation station is notified of the items ordered.
  2. Speed of service is greatly enhanced by properly routing the orders to the correct preparation station.
  3. Kitchen noise is reduced as orders are not being barked out for preparation staff to remember.
  4. It reduces the time

System Requirement


ETV Software


Supported OS: Windows 7
Intel Core i3, i5
Database: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle
500 GB HDD
Colored monitor with 1024 x 786 resolution