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Passage and Freight System

Benefits of Shipping Management Software
Managing a shipping company is really a complicated job, which demands labor-intensive and interdependent procedures essential for any shipping business procedures. To attain organizational objectives and make sure that shipping operations are usually operating efficiently, an effective management strategy is essential.

Management techniques in lots of shipping companies still involve manual procedures and tiresome actions. These types of conventional techniques can result in high operational costs and therefore are usually inadequate to assist every day shipping requirements. Furthermore, this method may not assure precise management information and the use of greatest company methods.

Traditional methods for managing shipping actions frequently lack real-time tracking and also details which demands lots of face to face conversation among workers. The advancement of technology has supplied each and every obtainable choice for shipping and logistics companies to handle and also improve their business more efficiently. To gain an aggressive benefit in the increasing market, every shipping company should make sure that the most effective technological tools are usually modified to help in enhancing their business procedure actions.

Since worldwide trade has been growing over the past years, it is necessary for shipping industries to utilize shipping management software depending on a corporation's particular requirements. Customized software which are required for a corporation's procedure are developed and designed for various shipping procedures for example liner principals, ship agency, feeder operators, NVOCC, surveyors, box terminals and claim handlings. Shipping software has assisted companies in a variety of areas of the planet improve their efficiency and also competitiveness via much better and organize planning and also management of their functional activities.

Save on Expenses
One of the main issues of each and every organization is the high operating costs associated with their day to day activities. By having software program that creates a good automated solutions, expenses and expenses condition are usually noticeable, making them simple to monitor, manage and also track correctly. Hiring a shipping software supplier removes the requirement for an additional in-house IT professional or an additional worker to completely navigate the different aspects of the software. An overall easy to use interface, functional selections and other features with the best quality requirements are usually mixed in one system which can be finished in a couple of minutes than the usual work hours when compared with the standard procedure. Most of these software companies have their very own technical support team which can assist and answer questions and issues regarding their software.

More Efficient Procedures
Shipping software handles numerous business activities ranging from bookings, functions, documentation, controlling submission and other back office assistance. Transaction inflows and also outflows are usually prepared and also documented easier without the need for time intensive and tiresome retyping of data. Repetitive procedures are usually removed thereby a far more easy and also effective dealing with of functional activities is possible. Many of these activities are usually integrated into one system which supplies a cost-effective resource in building a corporation's requirements.

Implementing an information technology platform enables a shipping organization to supply a quicker and much more exact procedure in facilitating the circulation of a business procedure. The significance of having a good automated tool regardless of how big or small a shipping business is it can enhance the effectiveness of a corporation's procedure.

For the shipping organizations the Shipping Management Software is very essential.It has some special advantages. In the following is given some of the most important features.

  • The Shipping Management Software enables the shipping company to improve their ticket sales, freight costs and internal petty money disbursement into one software.
  • The Shipping Management Software has 5 main modules: Ticketing, Shipment, Petty Cash Disbursement, Arranging and Back Office Connection to Data processing Software.
  • Ticketing deals with the ticket sales and also issuance, cot obstructing, manifest era and all reviews concerning sales. The particular Freight module handles bill of lading, cargo computation and reports related to freight charges. Arranging component consists of vessel info administration and trip schedules. The Petty Cash Disbursement module allows the consumer to input all internal petty money disbursement of the sales office.

System Requirement


ETV Software


Supported OS: Windows 7
Intel Core i3, i5
Database: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle
500 GB HDD
Colored monitor with 1024 x 786 resolution