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Queue Plus - Patient Queuing System

Queue Management Software
Queue Plus is a patient queuing system that is designed to make hospital queuing easier and more efficient. It's simple and easy to use. Queue+ can help filter the patients queue by identifying which medical specialist or doctor they wanted to consult to. Queue Plus improves the hospital's handling of queues to better assist the patients and leads better customer satisfaction.

Both the clinic attendant and the patient are sure to be trouble-free when operating the Queue Plus. With Queue Plus System, your hospital will be able to provide better and more efficient services. With Queue+ your hospital is in good hands.

When large amounts of people require the same thing or are going to the same destination, the line usually gets messy. Disorder forms from people wanting to be served first; fighting might also ensue. The queue system was developed to provide order and to serve clients using the first come, first serve method of transaction.To further facilitate this order, the Queue Management System was invented.

Early implementations of the management system were manually facilitated. A person would give out queue numbers to clients in the order they came in. An available teller would then call out the number that they would entertain. This was very effective back in the day; lines were organized and clients were entertained. However, this was very inefficient and took a lot of man power to sustain. If the client didn’t hear the teller call out the number then he would miss his turn and be inconvenienced. This took quite a toll on overhead expenses as well due to the need for more staff.

Through modern innovation, the current Queue Management systems were developed to combat these issues. A computer automatically generates the queue number and calls the number to be served through a voice recording. Large screens also display the numbers being served and their corresponding service counters so that clients are promptly alerted.One of the industries that really benefit from the system is healthcare. Without a proper queuing system, the patients might not be promptly catered to. Insevere cases, it could mean life and death.

Jinisys Software Inc. offers a Queue Management System for just that purpose. The Queue+ software adds a patient into a specific queue depending to their medical needs such as orthopedics, pediatrics, or a particular doctor. When a specialist is available, the system displays the number of the patient to be served and the room they should go to. It is a very efficient and hassle-free system that provides patients and hospitals attendants trouble-free operation. Greatly increase your hospitals customer satisfaction with our Queue+ management software, a must have for any health care establishment. We can also customize the system to suite a variety of industries and applications.

Publisher: Jinisys Software Inc.
Current Version: Queue+ 1.0
The product can also be Custom Made for Queuing Management Software that could perfectly fit to your business.
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