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Overall, Salient List of Product Features

  • Can generate accurate set of comprehensive reports.
  • Can create a multi-user account with multiple roles and security permissions.
  • Provides a seamless integration with common desktop utilities.
  • Provides native data integration facility to SAP Financials (Back Office).
  • Built in with a Back-Up Schedule that saves all data in an specific date and time.
  • It has a familiar Windows look-and-feel, revolutionary design and graphical data manipulation approach.


Our product performs essential financial and organizational functions for hotels, resorts, and related businesses that enables automation for most hotel operations. Necessary features are fully integrated into our hotel systems that makes hotel management easy and efficient. Folio+ is the flagship product of the company, a program that offers lists of intuitive features that primarily address the needs of both basic and advance hotel users. Folio+ has an integrated central reservation system which handles the reservation and booking of hotel guests, profiles, groups / blocks, rate / inventory control,  reporting, PMS interface.

Jinisys’ Folio+ is designed to make sure that hotel administration best practices are being applied on the organization’s daily operations.  Our hotel system promotes the best practices on staff administration, accounting controls, maintenance / renovation, sales and marketing, front desk operation, concierge services, and internal controls.  Jinisys’ hotel software also promotes the employees code of conduct because of its robust design restricting access on various administrative roles which helps limit access of confidential information thus reducing work related fraud.


Hospitality software’s are usually considerable software packages specifically designed to assist you handle your hotel. They can be utilized in hotels, hotels, inns, resorts, lodges, hostel, military invitee houses, ranch, fits, flats and also bed & breakfast. This kind of software is usually known as Property Management System in the food industry. They’re produced specifically for the hospitality industry.

This software generally have hotel particular spreadsheets, web templates, forms, advertising campaigns, training applications, menu evaluation tools and also financial monitoring tools. The have numerous modules such as: Motel administrations, Hotel Front Desk Management, Motel housekeeping, and also Hotel accounting.

Modules of hospitality software

Hospitality software is actually split into modules based on the various hotel departments


This particular module enables the set-up and also customization of the hotel. Creation of room kinds and also features, period dates for several years, rates by room kind and also season, shop inventory set tax rates, include, edit and disable workers as well as allocate authorization standing, and type of payment all come underneath the umbrella of the administration module.

Front Desk

The front desk module is actually exactly where most of the everyday procedure of the application will come coming from. Creating reservation, accessing report of visitors planned to arrive/depart for any particular date, print check-in cards for all/selected visitor for any particular date, check-in visitors as the arrive, modify reservations, include costs to the rooms gift shop, spa and also cafe costs, checkout visitors such as billing details, work shift starting and shutting features such as accounting for financial transactions are typical part of this particular module.


This particular module enables the housekeeping, upkeep and also front desk personnel to stay in conversation with each other. Every day Housekeeping reports: Staff accesses every day check-ins, checkouts, occupancies, vacancies, and also maintenance information as well cleansing directions.


Point of sale is definitely an essential component. It enables the sale total along with taxes updated as every item is actually additional or even erased from the sale in the supply. Payment info can easily either be joined to accomplish the transaction or even assigned to a guest’s room for payment later on. Additionally Purchase details are usually stored and also saved for long term research.


This particular module offers daily reports on Reservations: check-ins and also checkouts for the specific day time, Close-out: Revenue through type: Funds, check, MC, Visa and so on, Occupancy profits, POS revenues, Housekeeping and so on.

Features of hospitality software

In order to be prosperous hospitality software should have

  • User Described Fields for high versatility
  • High-quality graphic representation of rooms
  • Real-time statistics
  • Every one of the modules should work carefully collectively pulling from the same data without latency
  • Maintain the web site flow whilst sustaining those activities of the key sections by the hotel staff

Get prior to the game and enhance efficiency in your business. Spend money on quality hospitality software and enjoy the advantages that it provides into the workplace. Supply unequalled support to patrons and visitors, stop errors in booking and billing prior to them happen and also create points a little simpler for your staff.


Our communication solutions  are custom built to address the simple and complex needs of business communication requirements. Our products are seamlessly integrated in such a way that it is effective and efficient in any way possible.


The efficient management of communication needs to have a well-planned design that requires the challenges of communication into thought. It will be essential for any kind of project manager to have a reasonably attainable strategy and also structure in place at the really start of the project in order for their own time to be used as effectively as possible. The software programs useful to handle communications should possibly be considered an element of or even incorporate with the project management program.

Even though the management of communications might be essential, you can easily become blinded by the complicated techniques required to achieve the efficient level of management required. It really is easy and also consequently faltering to understand which marketing communications in themselves aren’t the finish but the indicates by which the project to be completed promptly and also within the projected budget. It’s possible that point zone variations will need to be taken into account merely in terms of planning for the particular collation of messages, info, feedback and also standing reviews.

There are possibly 4 particular advantages inherent in employing a prosperous conversation management program, apart from making the task manager’s job a great deal less demanding:

The initial advantage is actually clearly the elevated likelihood of the customers’ or even stakeholders’ requirements being fulfilled in terms of prosperous task resolution. As these types of requirements may vary as the project evolves, exposing new opportunities, new developments or even greater understanding, this particular must permit versatility exactly where feasible.

The second advantage of a good communications technique would be the proven fact that it becomes easier to track the improvement of the project, such as logging improvement and also predicting conclusion dates for each of the numerous sections working as separate units.

Finally, as this particular improvement is actually tracked and also documented, advancement testing, performance requirements assessment and also task documentation can be amended, updated and also documented precisely.

Lastly, it shouldn’t be underestimated exactly how advantageous efficient communication management is often as far as general excitement and also commitment to the project is involved.

For any business to reach your goals, you’re going to require a competent communication system. As a result, having a well-planned structure for your communication is actually the way to go. There are many communication software has to pick from and also the most popular ones are usually rather affordable.

Choosing the most effective communication software for your business is not going to be simple as you have got quite a few choices to select from. Consequently, let us check out a few of the factors you’ll want to bear in mind before you decide to purchase one:


There are many different types of communication software’s that you could incorporate with your web site and also most of them have dual characteristics where you could either utilize live chat or even support tickets. If you do not want individuals to contact you straight and also waste your time chatting, you should choose software which just has assistance tickets. Nevertheless, if you wish to chat with the individual and also convince them to purchase something or even assist them out, you may need software which also has live chat.

Compatibility with your web site

An additional essential aspect that many people tend to forget about prior to the purchase software is actually its compatibility. Is it possible to upload the product on your web site and May you change the mailing program such that the assistance tickets check out an email account that you frequently examine?

About Payment

Each and every business is going to have a specific plan for their communication requirements and therefore whenever you choose software you would need to stay affordable. Consequently, using this like a base you could eliminate items that require you to shell out a lot more than you are permitted to.

Customer care

Periodically you may come across problems with the program and also you would need assistance to get the actual bug fixed. Ensure that the customer assistance is actually top notch as bad assistance could lead to a loss inside sales.

Point of Sale

Our POS generally helps handle any organization’s accounting operations, overall financial transactions and reporting. Resto+ enables restaurant management with ease by providing exceptional features on resto activities or operations.

There have been a huge amount of technical improvements in recent history which have eliminated a long way to growing the standard and also efficiency of the support industry. Since societies moved into a post-industrial revolution period, the technologies utilized in daily monetary transactions needed to become more advanced to satisfy the actual quickly developing needs of consumers. One particular technology that’s utilized in a few variations in almost every grocery, drug as well as other kind of store, is actually point of sale software.

The improvement of point of sale software program starts with the earliest systems present at a transaction point. Economic transaction technology began with an easy exchange of goods manually, to an exchange of foreign currency by hand, to an easy cash register, and finally to an electronically advanced cash register equipped with point regarding sale software. It was in 1992 whenever modern POS software program came to the fore with Martin Goodwin and also Bob Henry developing software that could operate on a Microsoft Windows System.

The majority of point of sale devices incorporates a computer monitor, any cash drawer, a credit as well as debit reader, a barcode scanner and a show that allows the client to keep track of the purchase.

POS software is really an essential a part of any kind of retail business. From jewelry to filling stations to hotels, a store’s POS software can make the actual client’s experience as painless as can become, and assist the employee be as effective as possible. If badly selected, the application can triple the time a transaction requires, and also act as the bane of the employees’ existence. The main reason for this unique software is actually, needless to say, to procedure financial transactions. POS remedies themselves are usually nearly as old as personal computers. Nevertheless, level of sale software must be outfitted to handle many other features in order to permit a retail business to run efficiently.

In shops, this software can be designed not just to procedure normal transactions but to use discounts, determine sale prices and also manage changing, company-wide campaigns. Software may also maintain backups of transactions to help in record maintaining. Sophisticated POS techniques can also study from and write to the stock control technique – so that the status of items in the database is really as precise as you possibly can.

This software additionally sees innovative used in the food support industry. Terminals in restaurants frequently consist of transportable debit and also credit processors. These types of can be introduced straight to clients’ tables to prevent lineups at the cash register. Cafe point of sale software additionally keeps track of customers’ purchases and also handles tipping features, which includes tip-outs for personnel that do not really wait on tables.

Business software has maintained with the ever-changing nature of modern day business, funds,and vendor requirements. You may be pleased with your present point of sale software, but improving to something more recent and much more present is usually a money-saving choice instead of a price. Consider it like an investment which makes a return each time a person creates a sale.

The actual hospitality industry also utilizes POS methods to manage financial transactions, interact with hotel restaurants, store customer info and also choices for long term visits as well as keep track of the accessibility to each kind of room on the property. This particular software in hotels additionally keeps track of company-wide promotions and also discounts for favored customer programs.

Almost all businesses utilize point of sale software. Although POS software is generally associated with cash registers, it’s discovered through the entire computer systems of most organizations, monitoring useful info and also controlling discounts, promotions and also results much faster and much more precisely than the usual human being could. This particular software is actually, often, one of the major generating causes behind our retail-driven globe.

Healthcare Management Software

Queue+ is a queue management system and commonly used by hospitals. Using a queue management system increases customer satisfaction, and work efficiency by properly filtering patients, thus making the line-up faster and order.

The particular waiting line or queue management is really a crucial section of support industry. It handles issue of remedy of clients in sense decrease wait time and also improvement of service. Queue management handles instances where the client arrival is actually random; as a result, support rendered to them is also haphazard.

A service organization can decrease price and thus enhance success by effective queue management. A price is actually associated with client waiting in line and also there’s price associated with adding new counters to lessen support time. Queue management looks to deal with this particular trade off and gives methods to management.

The goals of installing a good patient queuing system incorporated with the wellness services’ patient management system were to be able to:

  • reduce the requirement for patients to wait in lines at reception counters;
  • provide instruction to sufferers which waiting area to attend and also ways to get there, utilizing technology;
  • allow clinicians to determine the names and also period of wait of every individual waiting for their own clinic from the computer screen located in their own discussion room;
  • provide a mechanism for clinicians within their talking to room to “call up” patients from your waiting room;
  • automate the assortment of arrival times, discussion commencement occasions and also discussion completion times without having to by hand enter the data into the PAS;
  • alert managers whenever waiting occasions surpass established thresholds; and also
  • allow monitoring of overall performance focuses on against performance indications.

Planning for the incorporated automatic queuing system was overseen through a good information technology committee, set up included in the implementation team of the three Very Clinics.

From a patient’s perspective, the actual execution of the automated queuing system implies that upon entering the actual clinic, the individual scans a barcode at the top of their own appointment notification letter at one of two self-service kiosks located close to the front door. As the individual scans the letter their own name is actually added to a summary of sufferers waiting on the clinician’s computer screen in their talking to room.

The individual is also instantly documented as “arrived” in the individual management system. The actual kiosk problems a scheduled appointment number ticket and provides information on that waiting area – specified by a color coding system – to wait. When the clinician is preparing to begin to see the patient, they click on a button on their computer screen that initiates both a good audible and also visual call up of the patient’s admission number over the speaker system and also waiting around room television. The call up consists of information on just what entry door to utilize to enter the actual talking to area. The call up of the individual by the clinician also instantly initiates documenting of the discussion commencement time. Calling the next patient by the clinician initiates recording of the conclusion period of the discussion for the previous individual in the individual management program.

The execution of the automated queuing system has decreased the requirement for patients having to utilize reception providers, freeing up the wedding reception for common inquiries and other customer support issues. Clinicians are able to keep track of the amount and also period of wait of patients. Supervisors are usually instantly alerted of the requirement to problem-solve any kind of extreme wait problems, in opposition to predefined thresholds, because they occur in real time.

Someone survey verifies which 72 per cent of sufferers recognized that they didn’t have to wait whatsoever for their service while 98 per cent recognized that they anxiously awaited less than 15 minutes. Any survey of staff also suggests that staff recognized the computerized techniques at Melton Wellness like a main strength in the model of care supplied.

Inventory Software

Inventory management has never been easy with Inventory+ makes inventory monitoring, and maintenance effortless. Jinisys’ has asset management system allows tracking of assets from its locations, status, and condition. Also, Jinisys’ offers warehouse management  system that handles warehouse administration automating sales transactions for calculations and recording.

Importance of inventory Management System

The Need for Organization

There are several main points you’ll want to address when considering the business of your inventory;

  • An exact list of just what you have available to utilize.
  • An exact assessment of how much you’ll utilize on aneveryday or even weekly basis.
  • An effective way to be able to monitor this utilization for accuracy
  • A fast and also efficient approach to re-ordering or even restocking your inventory.

While it is very feasible to checklist and also track all this info manually, it really is much more effective and also efficient if an electronic inventory management system is actually put into utilize.

The significance of IT in Inventory Management

It has come a long way in an exceedingly brief period of time. Some of the applications available today to assist restaurant proprietors in assessing, coordinating, prioritizing, tracking and also reordering their inventory create the old methods for inventory management appear torturous by comparison. Present day IT inventory management software techniques can make sure that a restaurant’s inventory is actually handled as successfully as you possibly can, resulting in important financial savings.

what Streamlined Inventory Management Way to You

The greater effective your general inventory system may be the smoother your food production procedure will be; the greater clients it is possible to assist in the same time period, and also the more rapidly you will be able to change the particular materials utilized to ensure that much more food can be ready and much more clients served. The result, obviously, is which by the most efficient utilization of your restaurant’s inventory management, the larger your cafe success will be, and also in this economy, that’s certainly something to cheer about.

Asset Management System

Numerous companies struggle with monitoring their fixed assets. Monitoring the location, volume, situation, upkeep and also depreciation of organization property is essential for the purposes of financial data processing, preventative upkeep and also theft deterrence.

Without an effective and also precise system which makes sure all assets are usually accounted for, it would be simple to lose monitor. Lost assets will impact any kind of company’s main point here such as the alternative cost of the asset as properly as the cost of lost amazing data.

The majority of techniques will help you to collect and also report details about pc assets on your network, such as hardware, computer software, and also software usage. If you’re worried about theft of elements such as memory or even hard drives or even desire to be alerted to system upgrades, more advanced techniques will keep track of property at the component level and also generate notifications for lacking products or perhaps changes to system elements.

The majority of resource administration techniques will report software installed on every computer and also permit you to track software program permit compared to real utilization for ideal permit management and also compliance. When you set your bought permit levels, the system can produce alerts for software permit agreement violations and also unauthorized software installations.

And when your district desires details concerning computer peripherals for example printers and also audio visual equipment, numerous techniques track items which aren’t network aware.

Importance of warehouse management system

The movement and also storage of supplies within the warehouse will be managed by the warehouse management system. Automation of transactions which pertain to warehouse management systems allows customers locate the actual stock, assess the quantity as well as direct warehouse duties. Sophisticated technology utilized in warehouse management systems will allow the optimization of warehousing functions.

Especially, a warehouse management system enables businesses to automate their particular inventory movement. For that reason, accuracy of inventory records enhances and also inventory turnover increases. Much more accuracy in stock manage will also allow companies to utilize warehouse space more proficiently, thus allowing the reception, packing and also delivery of their inventory to be undertaken more proficiently which in turn enhances productivity and also decreases the expense associated with inventory holding.

The possible to update details in the electronic inventory, provided the actual integration with the warehouse management method, has resulted in a greater degree of accuracy, decreased red-tape and also the opportunity to alter inventory info in a simple method. The electronic data that is taken can also be used to keep track of the actual working methods of a company, thus making sure stock will be replenished exactly where required and also avoiding the requirement for physical inventories. Operating warehouses electronically contributes to standardization of inventory movements and also selecting techniques that results in low error prices, compared to manual data admittance.

Warehouse management techniques allow businesses to improve business procedures. This enables much more precise dedication of the need for and also availability of inventory, in addition to the capability to provide asked for stock, thus making sure enhanced customer service.

Property Management Software

Jinisys’ property management can be useful for logistics, real estate, manufacturing, accommodation management. The system automates most management task on a property replacing most paper-based transactions.


Management and maintenance of properties is quite a task from all perspectives. Property management system brings in efficiency and ease to this sector of business. Most of the processes are automated which positively influences the operations. Apart from this, you get to view every detail of your property on the screen. Property management system is a necessity more than a luxury in the present scenario. This system avoids loss of revenue due to lack of tracking and helps in effective utilization of the resources available. Are you one of those managers struggling to get a grip on what’s happening under your nose? Read on and know how important it is install a property management system.


Automation Reduces Chances of Error

Property management system gives you a leap from the manually maintained excels files to graphical interface showing all your property details. The system is designed to display details of a variety of properties starting from condominiums and real estate to cemetery and parking lot. The system automates operations like tax calculations, amortizations, commissions, receivable and more. This eliminates the chance of an error in calculation and also keeps all your records up to date. In the event of any query regarding a unit of property, all the details you require is just a few clicks away. The display is color coded for faster readability. You will be able to revert with tenancy or occupancy details along with price information within seconds. This is the level of efficiency that property management system brings to your business.


Highly Flexible

The system is designed to suit a wide range of requirements which makes it easily configurable and adaptable to your work environment. You get to decide on vital parameters of the system which is crucial for your business. You also have the option of updating formulas and assumptions as and when you require to. This level of flexibility helps you in keeping your information updated. The best part about property management system is that a single change will ripple out its effect all over the system. You also have the option of applying changes to a specific set of data depending on the requirements. In the primitive excel files you will have to process each line item and decide on the changes. This system saves you a lot of time with such high level of flexibility.


Data Security

Security of data is twofold in this area of business. Firstly you will require backing up your data periodically to avoid losing your data to system failure or any other reason. Property management system facilitates in setting automatic periodic backups to avoid data loss. Secondly integrity of data is important.  In the primitive method of excels and hardbound files it is difficult to track who made the changes and when. Property management system deals with this issue by providing each system user with a specific set of accesses. This allows a certain set of operations and restricts them from another set depending on the role of the user. Only administrator is given the right to overwrite information. This detail is again recorded in the log for cross verification which takes integrity and security of the data to perfection.


Ease in Viewing Resources and Reports

The system also facilitates resource utilization tracking. You get to track and strive towards the efficient use of the available resources by just looking at the figures on your desktop. . This system also provides an option to produce reports. The reporting interface is configurable to produce reports with specific variables including dates. This helps you in analyzing and deciding on the future course of action for your business.


Transparency in Accounting

All the transactions are recorded by the property management system with date, time and purpose. This keeps your records clean and also helps in tracking your due receivables. This is specifically useful during auditing and income tax filing. This ways you avoid loss of revenue and also keep your business legitimate.


Jinisys provides custom software development services from desktop to web applications specifically designed by the clients needs and requirements. Refer to Jinisys’ custom software process.

The development of computer technology has created an excellent effect on our daily life. Individuals are utilizing the computer in every sphere of their particular life. From the area of style and also designing to the area of healthcare technology, everywhere you’ll find that this electronic device is actually playing an excellent role in modern times. As you know that the usage of computer is actually improving continuously in the business houses, as a result, if you wish to obtain the maximum advantages of the improvement of your commercial agency, then you’ll need knowing operating this particular essential electronic machine.

The necessity for a custom software development for your business firm will get essential particularly if you want that your in-house software applications requires a better texture and much more customers can be attracted within a limited time. With the access of a custom made software development, it gets handy to pick the kinds of characteristics, tools and also resources you need. The particular role of the application development providers have become so essential that it usually allow the workers and also associates access the required assets simply with a couple of clicks.

As the development procedure is actually started with the strategy of the requirements, the custom software can certainly incorporate the information with a simple route-way and also easy instructions. Thus we can state it simplifies the operational access and also get rid of the extra time. The addition of data collection, automated direct mail research, product research systems, and so on. are usually a few of the places exactly where custom web development services can co-operate.Business effects tend to achieve a much better degree when the communication procedure gets acquainted to both the sides. Customer also feels handy to utilize the online applications and also deliver their personal choices that really help the organizations to have a fast suggestions in some of their product/service development procedure. The development of the main point here can be skilled and a better manage over the resources is actually utilized. All these adjustments can be incorporated with the Software development providers and can be popular in the application fields of the following areas mentioned below:

(i)Financial Applications

(ii)CRM Solution Services

(iii)E-commerce Solutions


(v)Health care Application

(vi)Media Applications

The field of custom software development is getting strong each and every passing day. It’s primarily due to the fact that almost every business depends on the flexibleness of tailor-made software methods to revolutionize their working methods. For this reason, every day companies are becoming much better and also revolutionary customized software options in their working modules in order to fulfill their end results and also appeal to lots of specific customers.

Just what ought to companies do to find the preferred software development solutions?

For getting the wisest applications, businesses should utilize client-oriented strategy in the general project management system. It primarily describes companies providing correctly time to consider their developing customized procedures related with the fulfillment of wishes of their finish clients. You can also take the aid of professionals to understand about the products and also what it takes to satisfy requirements of clients in the most convenient method. Generally, companies hire supervisors to contact clients and also tell them about the improvement of the work. Additionally, it will help in making feasible about different types of errors and also makes correction compared to it’s needed. Thus, professional software development companies consider full responsibility of your requirements.

Custom software solutions are usually specific options which are developed primarily for catering the requirements of a specific organization. These types of options assist companies to do much better and also usually not really geared to the overall companies’ requirements. Custom software are designed on unique demands and also primarily pays various results for matching specific budgets or even project managing.

So, why wait? Obtain a custom solution now and also keep moving ahead whilst serving to your customer whilst maintain long-term interactions.


Mobile Applications

Jinisys Software is developing mobile applications that interacts with our desktop and web programs to give more access management and monitoring of tasks and services.

Software Application Product


SAP Business One is the best ERP solution for SME’s from handling accounting tasks to the overall financial management of any organization. Learn more about SAP.


The success of your business is defined by how well you manage your operations. Are you one of those businessmen or managers who are struggling to find the head or tail of what’s happening in your firm? Or are you one those who is worried about losing control if the business expands beyond what it is now? In either case SAP Business One is the one stop solution for all your business management needs. It is highly efficient and brings about a whole new perspective in terms of analysis and management of business. Read one and know why SAP Business One is important for you.


Administrative Efficiency

SAP Business One gives you a centralized platform to work on. It gives the opportunity to monitor the dynamic data changes happening in your business. This brings to you twofold benefits. Firstly, you get to access information live as in; as and when there are purchases or debits, you get to view the details of the same. This gives you larger control on the future decision making. Secondly, it eliminates duplication in data storage. You can be sure of the integrity of the data viewed on the screen. These benefits put you in a very comfortable and authoritative position. Getting to monitor all the operations and functions so precisely from the comforts of your office saves you a lot time and energy apart from the efficiency in management.



All transactions are recorded in the system with date and time of occurrence. This helps in tracking all the sale and expenditure details as and when it happens. This system also gives you an option to track your due receivables from different sources. It also facilitates preparation of proper invoices, journals and budget planning. With all these functionalities SAP Business One provides you an all round financial and accounting solution. Another advantage of this system is maintaining transparency and integrity in your business. The information furnished by the system is precise and is useful for auditing and tax filing. A key feature of this system is assignment of different user role to different types of employees working on the system. A user role allows and restricts a set of operations of the user depending on the role of the employee. This is beneficial in maintaining the authenticity of the data. Apart from this every change made in entered in the log file which acts as a cross reference in case of any clarifications.


Effective Management

SAP Business One is designed to monitor the activities happening in your firm. You get to manage your employees in a better way by understanding their work load and capacity. This will also help you in engaging them in work areas they will be most productive in. Apart from this you also get to decide on new recruitments as your business grows. Inventory management is another sphere that requires a lot of attention for eliminating loss of revenue due to wastage. You get to view the stock details in very structured format which facilitates effective decision making regarding new stocks.



A quality report is the key to effective management. SAP Business One facilitates generation of a variety of reports in every stream of business. You also have the option of configuring the reports to suit your criterion of analysis.  This is useful is decision making also helps your managers and employee know how far they are from the assigned target. This way you get to constructively encourage your employees. You can also choose to compare the performance of your employees and award the best performer to boost their confidence.


Comprehensive Integration

Integrating to SAP Business One is among the best things that can happen to your business. They offer a comprehensive solution which caters to a wide range of companies from varied segments. With this system you also get to open more outlets and still maintain your accounts and information in an organized manner in SAP. Better late than never! Get in touch with certified SAP Business One integrators and begin a new lease of business management.