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Property Management System




Keep Track of Units/Lot per Property - their Current Value & Status.
Easily Manage Pricing, Payments & Sales.


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A Property Management System Overview


For property traders, property maintenance and also management ought to be of perfect significance if one desires to achieve optimum worth in the market for their particular property. Nevertheless, numerous proprietors tend to ignore the importance of property management either because of insufficient knowledge about the problem or even they are unable to garner adequate time to consider numerous aspects related to the property. Several traders even tend to refrain from managing their own property as they discover the job troublesome and demanding. In these types of conditions, registering for a great online property management system can be a helpful alternate.

Property Management System

Property Management System built for the Philippine Market



In the last handful of decades, technical advancements have performed a significant part in enhancing general effectiveness, reorganizing procedures and also assisting property traders and property administration firms obtain ideal control over their property management problems. A property administration program can be merely understood to be a software program designed and designed with the objective of assisting clients handle and obtain optimum manage over every aspect associated with their property. At the moment, property management systems are now being utilized broadly in a number of sectors such as real estate, consumer banking, hospitality, logistics, hotel management, as well as managing intellectual property problems. Additionally, there are various kinds of property management techniques available for sale, thereby complicated users about which to pick.


On this regard, here are referred to some essential factors that will help in selecting a property management system.


Exactly why do you want a Property Management System?


It is important to address this problem and so as to choose software program that's aptly ideal for one's requirements and needs. For instance, a PMS necessary for a hospitality industry must have functions that can relieve out visitor reservation, help fast check-in, improve efficiency and produce a much better visitor encounter. Alternatively, a PMS ideal for a property proprietor should have procedures where one can preserve tenant database and manage problems related to property upkeep. An adequately chosen and set up property administration program can easily simplify your business procedures considerably, thereby making your lifetime simple and also comfy. Additionally, it is possible to get rid of human mistakes and improve effectiveness by replacing manual procedures with user-friendly interfaces.


Realize your requirements:Anytime you are planning to implement a PMS within your business, it is necessary that you simply understand what you actually need. Because of this, it is important to connect to all those individuals who will be while using system straight or not directly. In this way, one can obtain insight into their requirements and needs that they really feel can improve their effectiveness and also make their own jobs easy but fascinating. Additionally, one must actually take into account viewpoints of individuals not really thinking about applying the system and include their issues whilst looking out for a PMS. Furthermore, make sure to consist of your technical personnel in these types of discussions as they are the individuals concerned with the setup, integration and execution of the system.


Make a checklist and obtain estimates: Make a summary of functions that have been suggested. Generally, these types of lists usually consist of a few features which are absolutely necessary, while others may be very easily overlooked. Thus, whilst planning a summary of requirements and needs, it is very important segregate features depending on the needs. When the checklist is actually prepared, one can right now proceed using the purchasing procedure. Because of this, one has to consider choices which fulfill the needs you have and suits in your budget.


Think about your budget: It is important to determine how a lot one can manage on obtaining a property management system. Currently, there are lots of property management techniques available in the market. All these techniques vary from each other in terms of features provided. Appropriately, the cost variety also differs. By identifying the budget, choice becomes simpler as one can easily get rid of options which are outside the range.


Jinisys Software offers 4 types of property management system namely:


A Property Management System allows a company to keep track of lots/units per property, their current value and their status. The system provides a tool for the company to easily manage pricing, payments, and sales of units/lots. Also, it keeps track of payables for broker commission and receivables for monthly amortizations.


The property management system is divided into two parts: web based and desktop application. The web based provides a real-time view for broker on lots/units' current status per property while the desktop application provides all other functionalities. The system will also be integrated with another accounting or ERP back-office system.


Publisher: Jinisys Software Inc.
Current Version: PMS+ 2.0

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