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Jinisys Software Inc., offers real estate property management software for Philippine businesses. The company provides a system that could help facilitate the major areas of property management catering the roles and responsibilities of various property managers. This article aims to show the major divisions that are involved into the handling of the real estate properties, and some of the property management system features and functions.

Real estate industry is a trending business today and undeniably one of the profitable business in the future. According to, the Philippines increases population every year and projected to reach 3.5% in year 2015. The Philippine economy has been performing well from its previous years and from President Aquino’s term have an average of 6% GDP every year, and most experts agree that the country will be the next “tiger economy”. Based from the facts above, the increasing population means the higher the demand of residency and with the growing economy, the Filipino people have greater access to the buying and renting real estate properties.

As a real estate property company, having a real estate system is a big advantages due to the numerous features the real estate system could offer. In a general sense, a real estate property management system enables automation of different tasks on real estate operations. The property managers have key responsibilities that are enumerated below.

Key Responsibilities of Real Estate Managers and staffs:

  • Marketing and Financial Management
  • Tenancy and Occupancy Management
  • Facilities and Amenities Management
  • Overall Administration

These responsibilities are important in considering a real estate property management software. Although not all of the functions are fully integrated in the system, at least most of the core functions are present and properly placed within the software with the accordance of the real estates standard operations.

Property Management System

Property Management System built for the Philippine Market

Below are some of the list of our real estate system.

  • Provides a graphical view of lots/units per property (lots for land property and units for condominium/parking). The lots/units are color-coded according to its status.

    Real Estate Property Management Software

    Real Estate Property Management Software

  • Provides the functionality of calculating prices and projecting monthly amortization figures automatically to provide decision supports for clients.

    Real Estate Property Management Software

    Real Estate Property Management Software

  • Property Viewer – View all acquired properties in a tabular form.
  • Reservation Window – lets the user input and save client reservation details.
  • Reservation Window – lets the user input and save client reservation details.
  • Slot Query – View slot from the last input details.
  • Payments – Cash Payment, Bank Transfer Payment, Cheque Payment
  • Due List – a function that view on date due client.
  • Report Generator – a function that lets users customize their reports according to the specified category and type of reports.
  • Form Generator – a function that lets users generate document.
  • Lot Status Color Picker – a function that lets users change the lot status color.
  • Changes Log – a function that view all logs.
  • Connected with SAP and integrates Business Partner and Inventory List.

    Real Estate Property Management Software

    SAP Integration

Jinisys Software is the software company that has been an expert on this field and continuously innovating the needs of the software market and to our valued clients.

Jojo Balagosa

Jojo Balagosa

Sales and Marketing Manager at Jinisys Software Inc.
A software Consultant for hospitality and real estate solutions in the Philippines. General manager for sales and marketing for Jinisys Software. You may follow me on Jojo Balagosa
Jojo Balagosa

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