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Real Estate software for brokers helps assisting brokers to easily achieve their objectives and fulfill their responsibilities. This kind of software basically eliminate the older system of storing huge database in hard copies and enhance the storage by keeping them all in a small hard disk. This also helps in organizing and sequentially coordinating the broker’s activities so that they do not miss any clients due to delay.

Who is a Real Estate Broker?

In simple terms, Real estate broker is someone who mediates the exchange of property between seller and buyer. They just don’t intermediate the transactions, but also find the potential buyers or sellers and link them up with the exact opposite party.

As a Buyer’s Agent, they help purchase of property at the lowest possible price and best terms. It is true that broker gets a certain percentage of deal amount as his payment, but he is obligated to get lowest possible price to his client.

As a Seller’s Agent, their job is straightforward. They need to sell their clients property at the highest possible price and get the best deal possible to them. Since the broker gets certain percentage of deal amount, highest price ends up beneficial for both client and broker.

Some people act as dual agent; it is illegal to act as dual agent without the knowledge of the client. If an agent wants to act as dual agent for a deal, then he/she must notify the clients associated with the deal about the same.

How does Software help Real Estate Brokers?

These software’s help automating a lot of time consuming work that was originally done manually. Many tasks are involved in the real estate operation and some of them are daunting task, like managing the property records and updating the current status of those properties. Maintaining manual record for these is very difficult and updating them is really tough for a person to do. These types of software’s helps the real estate agency in creating a graphic view of properties and update the status as soon as it gets changes using different color codes.

This also helps providing price for properties and includes monthly amortization automatically to help faster inputs to clients and let them take quicker decisions.

Many such software’s are there available in market to support the brokers run their business smoothly and let them grow in Philippines.

Jinisys Software is one such company which provides variety of software’s and hardware’s to different variety of business and help their clients running their business successfully and enable its growth.

Jinisys Real Estate Property Management Software

Jinisys Software Inc., is a leading company in Philippines in offering software and hardware for variety of businesses. Solutions provided by Jinisys helps their clients in growing their business and the customer base.

Real estate business is currently is the most trending and profitable business in Philippines. As per government census population of Philippines increases every year and is expected to increase by 3.5% by 2015. With this growth in population demand for real estates also grows higher.

Jinisys real estate property management software helps the businesses in automates the companies processes and operations. It also helps in fulfilling the responsibilities of various people in the company. Such as,

  • Management of Marketing
  • Management of Finance
  • Management of Tenacy
  • Management of Occupancy
  • Management of Amenities
  • Management of overall administration

Jinisys product helps the company in conducting almost all of the above mentioned responsibilities in an automated way. Since everything happens automatically, possibility of manual errors of possible misplacement of some important documents is impossible since the system manages the document structure, organize the data and details in a sequential way.

This system also provides various graphical interface to the brokers, which helps them in monitoring the properties, status, payments, etc in a quick and accurate way.

Some of the key modules of this software include

  • Property viewer – Helps in viewing the property under the agency in tabulated form
  • Reservation window – Helps to store the client reservation details
  • Payments
  • Slot enquiry
  • Report Generator – Categorizes and generates reports based on requirements
  • Form Generator
  • Lot Status updater

This also helps in connecting the business to SAP and the inventory list. SAP Hotel and Real Estate Software helps the software development directly and inventory list helps them in identifying the needs.

This software can also be used by the clients to view the properties, pricing details and other related details associated with the stuff.

Jojo Balagosa

Jojo Balagosa

Sales and Marketing Manager at Jinisys Software Inc.
A software Consultant for hospitality and real estate solutions in the Philippines. General manager for sales and marketing for Jinisys Software. You may follow me on Jojo Balagosa
Jojo Balagosa

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