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Resto Plus - Restaurant Management System

Resto Plus offers a truly complete system that allows restaurant business owners to have complete control of the operation of their establishments by being able to take customer orders swiftly.

The food service industry is a highly competitive scene. To be on top requires a high level of customer satisfaction. This can be achieved by serving delicious food accompanied by great service. These requirements put a huge emphasis on restaurant management and operation. Through the advent of technology, Restaurant Management Systems (RMS) have improved to enable businesses to better serve customers and aid employees with restaurant operations.

With Resto+, all your restaurant management needs are taken care of. It allows for full control of business operations and customer transactions. Orders are taken from point-of-sale terminals using the user-friendly interface. Taking orders has never been this fast and easy. To avoid inconsistency within the system, multi-user and workstation information syncing has been integrated into the application. Changing details like the prices and menu items in one terminal automatically updates the information for all stations and the server. Accurate and updated information eliminates confusion and leads to better customer service and satisfaction. Data editing is limited to user accounts with the appropriate role and security permissions.

It is crucial for hotels to have an RMS integrated with their hotel management software as well. Integration allows for guest records to be easily compiled and to remain error-free. Charges for a guest’s restaurant purchases can be included into his finalcheck-out bill for an efficient and hassle-free all-in-one payment method. Collation of data also enables hotel management to establish trends and analyze particular food preferences; this aids in business planning and future growth.Resto+ is fully compatible for integration with hotel management systems such as our Folio+ software.

Give your food service business a competitive edge and rise to the top of the industry with Resto+, guaranteed to simplify customer order taking transactionsfor a fast and efficient service.

Resto Plus can create a multi-user account with multiple roles and security permissions. It can be use simultaneously in more than one workstation. Changing restaurant data (Menu List, Prices, Warehouse, Etc) in one station will synchronously change every other station for accurate and updated information.

Resto Plus System is a system designed to make order-taking simple, fun, and easy. With Resto Plus, customer orders are taken directly from a restaurant Point-of-Sales terminal. It minimizes confusion and speeds-up order-taking, allowing your restaurant to provide better and more efficient services. Resto+ can also be integrated into our hotel management software to help you manage

Publisher: Jinisys Software Inc.
Current Version: Resto+ 3.0

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