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SAP Solution Highlights

  • Single system for processing analytics and transactions
  • Smarter business process handling
  • Accounting and financials management
  • Sales and customer management
  • Purchasing and operations management
  • Inventory and distribution management
  • Ad-hoc interactive reporting
  • Customizable dashboards and analysis

Maximizing Your Business

SAP Business One is a single solution for managing your entire business through the automation of key business processes and improvement of operational efficiencies from anywhere. SAP Business One is designed with small businesses in mind, so it is  affordable, quick to install, easy to use and simple to maintain. As your business grows, SAP Business One allows you to easily adapt the application to meet changing business needs.

The latest version of SAP Business One offers the latest reporting tools, the ability to customize SAP Business One for you and your users and the ability to utilize the SAP HANA platform for real-time access to data.

SAP Filipino Myth Debunked

  1. We don’t need management software. In a manual scenario, sharing information to other departments requires time efficiently and effective communication, thus this could lower the  over performance of your business management. A scalable and affordable management system like SAP Business One helps reduce these inefficiencies and drive productivity.
  2. SAP is only for large enterprises. SAP Business One was created specifically for small businesses and midsize companies — which make up more than 65 percent of SAP customers.
  3. SAP solutions are too expensive. Your company doesn’t need the same functions as a large enterprise does. SAP Business One is designed for small and midsize businesses. With SAP Business One, you’re not trying to make an expensive enterprise-scale solution fit your needs and your budget. You can focus your new system where you can achieve the most immediate impact — SAP Business One helps you achieve strategic alignment, predictable performance and confident decision-making.

SAP Business One v9.0 New and Enhanced Features

  1. Better Typographic Conventions – Emphasized words or expressions.
  2. Administration – Enhancements in Master Data Cleanup Wizard, SAP Business One Improvement Program
  3. Accounting Improvements
  4. Financials Improvements
  5. Sales and Purchasing Improvements
  6. Banking  Improvements
  7. Inventory Management Improvements
  8. Implementation Tools – Implementation Center, Implementation Project, Quick Copy
  9. Infrastructure Enhancements – SAP Business One Setup, System Landscape Directory, Single Sign-On, 64bit Support, Security Compliance & Data Privacy, Accessibility Standard
  10. ExtensibilityDeveloper Friendly, Enhancements in DI API, Enhancements in UI 
  11. SAP Business One Studio – newly integrated development environments for SAP Business One partners, consultants and customer IT.
  12. SAP Business One Workflow – enables you to define, deploy, and execute new business processes
  13. Remote Support Platform for SAP Business One – New Version of Remote Support Platform
  14. Reporting Platform – SAP Crystal Reports 2011 Support, SAP Crystal Server Integration
  15. Electronic File Manager (EFM) – EFM Multi-Language Support


Jojo Balagosa

Jojo Balagosa

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