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Spa Sales and Inventory Management System

Spas have become an integral part of our life with increased awareness about the important of maintaining one's looks. The business in this industry has increased manifold over the last few years. This calls for better management and better systems to handle the situation efficiently and effectively. Spa sales and inventory management system brings automation to this sector and redefines the way things are done.

The sales module of this system keeps track of every minute detail about the therapists, clients and accounts. This improves transparency and helps in better management of resources. The system puts the data together to fetch you different reports to give you a clear picture on the productivity and utility curve. The inventory module equips the spa to audit the stocks and facilitates timely scheduling of orders for new stocks.

  1. Easily configurable to suit your specific requirements. This is important when scaling up the resource base or opening another branch.
  2. Therapist job history is recorded for analysis and reporting.
  3. Dispatch requests are handled by the system depending on the availability of therapists.
  4. With all the information tracked in the system the client inventory can be queried easily whenever necessary
  5. A range of exportable reports based on classifications are available.
  6. Every user is assigned a certain level of rights in the system. This maintains the credibility of the data in the system and protects your business.

Benefits of SSIMS

Improved Productivity of your Therapists
The system keeps track of the bookings done for every therapist. The manager or the employee responsible for allocation can view the list of therapists who are booked and those who are off work. This facilitates quick assignment of service requests to the free therapists without asking around for who is free and who is not. This goes a long way in managing and utilizing your resource personnel in a better way. You also get to distribute work equally among the therapists and give the required breaks to each of them. Home service requests are easier to handle with this system. The working is more organized and it improves the overall productivity of the spa.

The system gives you the option of categorizing the therapists depending on their expertise and experience in to different departments which helps in effective work allocation. The system will provide you statistics on the busy and idle hours. This enables you to plan for training programs on new treatments, cleaning up the spa or other maintenance related work of the place.

Better Inventory Management
SSIMS updates real time data on the status of your inventory after each sale and service request. This enables you to keep a constant check on the stocks available and time your orders appropriately to avoid lack of inventory. The system also provides you reports on the quantity of inventories used. This gives you a better understanding of what is in demand and helps in maintaining the required amount of stocks for items which are high on demand.

Build Relationships
Customer details are logged in the system every time a service request is answered or anything is sold to a customer. The database stores all the required information about your customers. This gives you the opportunity to study the frequency and requirement of your clients. You also have the option of sending personalized messages to your clients when they are due for their next visit. You may also send wishes on birthdays, anniversaries and on other special days like women’s day and more to maintain constant contact with them.

Improved Marketing Strategies
The SSIMS provides you an organized spread of data. All you require to do is analyze and work out effective strategies to increase your client base in addition to maintaining your current ones. Gift cards and season discounts are a few ways of attracting attention from prospective clients. Applying these offers is a hassle free task with spa sales and inventory management system.

Publisher: Jinisys Software Inc.

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