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Queues are often seen on both private and government organizations in the Philippines, these might be for payment transactions, service or product support, help/follow-ups inquires and other service related transactions.  Queues  are often pile up due to these factors below.

Factors for Queues piled ups:
  1. Lack of Immediacy. The service should have a sense of urgency, no time for delay, or any means that could take time, thus, the instructions should be clear before any customer to fall in the line
  2. Limited Counters. The possibility of total number of customers that fall in line within a  day should be noted since this could give an idea on the number of counters that  maybe prepared. Having few counters would definitely make the queue to pile up considering the number of people.
  3. Time Consuming Transactions. Transactions can range from simple to complex, time can be directly proportional to the complexity of a transaction. The more complex the transaction the longer the time it will consume. This correlates to the first factor that the customer should fill-up all the required forms, and prerequisite before getting into the queue.
  4. Lack Staffing Efficiently. One of the factors why an organization is successful, is the happiness of its employees. Hence, a happy employee could give or deliver an efficient  work performance. The work load could also affect the performance on an employee. The number of staff is also a factor,  if the staff has taken a lunch breach, snack break another one should replace its place for the continues service being given the the people who are in the queue.

The customers who  are under the queue have their own priorities and time schedule, therefore compromising it can lower the overall customer satisfaction.

Some Tips on Managing Queues:

The following are some useful suggestions for managing queues that go beyond the quantitative waiting line models.

  1. Determine an acceptable waiting time for your customers like how long do your customers expect to wait?
  2. Try to divert your customer’s attention when waiting by providing music, a video.
  3. Inform your customers of what to expect. 
  4. Keep employees not serving the customers out of sight. 
  5. Arrange your customers by groups. 
  6. Remind your servers to be friendly.
  7. Motivate customers to come during the less busy periods.
  8. Take a long-term perspective toward getting rid of the queues.
  9. Have a queue management system. The system can control the queues and better manage the work being delivered to the customers. All the manual transaction can be easily be automated thus reducing the time being spent filling, sorting and storing all the transaction documents. Employee work load can be lessened thus giving them more chance of maximizing its overall performance.

Therefore, effectively managing the queues can give more business, and better customer satisfaction. Empowering any business to level up and become the leader to its field of industry.

Jojo Balagosa

Jojo Balagosa

Sales and Marketing Manager at Jinisys Software Inc.
A software Consultant for hospitality and real estate solutions in the Philippines. General manager for sales and marketing for Jinisys Software. You may follow me on Jojo Balagosa
Jojo Balagosa

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