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What exactly is custom software development and how does it differ from purchasing information systems “off-the-rack”? What do the differences in these two modes of software integration mean for your business in general? To answer that, try visualizing your business as a regular male businessman. It is common knowledge that in order to function in a competitive corporate world, the businessman must always equip himself with a fine-fitting suit. There many means for a businessman to go about acquiring his suit. He can simply choose to go into a suit manufacturing store, pick a suit from off the rack, try it on, and purchase it if he pleases. Another option is to go to a skilled tailor and have him take the proper measurements of the businessman’s dimensions so as to procure a custom, tailor-fitted suit. Both options have its advantages and its disadvantages.

On one hand, buying a suit off-the-rack can save the time and effort of having to go to a tailor, and it may even be more affordable than having a custom suit made. However, buying a ready-made suit also presents the liabilities of it possibly not fitting well, the material used may not be suitable for a particular body type, and other such problems. On the other hand, although having to undergo custom-fitting and tailoring processes to acquire a suit may appear costly, tedious, and time-consuming at first, you are ensured a quality suit that is literally tailor-fitted for your body and lifestyle. The same principles can be applied in software development. Many companies give-in to “wholesale” software packages that their organizations might not even maximize fully purely for the sake of convenience and cost-cutting. The best companies, however, know that it is always wise to invest in custom-made software that is specifically designed to maximize efficiency and productivity in everyday business processes.

Initially, it may seem easy to purchase a ready-made software and start its integration in your company immediately. However, the inevitable headaches are most likely to follow instantly. An “off-the-rack” business software poses the risks of incompatibility, bugs, and a lack of proper sustainable maintenance services. At Jinisys, custom software development is taken very seriously by following a systematic process of steps in ensuring that your company receives premium quality software and maintenance services. What are these steps in software development, you ask?


Prior to any semblance of software design and development, Jinisys always makes it a point to get to know its clients first and how they conduct business. Jinisys critically studies, dissects, and familiarizes itself with a company’s integral business processes in order to properly assess the software needs of the organization. Jinisys carefully reviews various details in a company’s workflow, like how data/information between the organizational units is transferred and stored, and how forms and documents are produced. These consultations are done through personal interviews, site visits, form documentation, and the like.


Once all necessary consultations and studies have been exhausted, the development team shifts into the software design phase. This is where all initial brainstorming is done with regards to the innovation and reinvention of an organization’s business processes. This step is carried out meticulously because it will serve as the foundation for building upon a new way of going about organizational procedures.


With a team of highly-skilled developers who are armed with all the state-of-the-art development tools, Jinisys assures its clients that its development stage is one that is highly valued and incredibly sought after. With all the high-power technological development capabilities of .Net, C#,, and web design (UI design) for back-end and front-end programming, the Jinisys development team is well equipped to produce quality customized software for all your business needs.


Once the coding and design stages have been carried out, the development process shifts into testing. Jinisys likes to ensure that when clients receive their valuable software, it is free from major bugs and errors so as to ensure a smooth and easy integration into the organization system. The testing stage is necessary to weed out any issues that may have been overlooked in previous phases of development.


Once all the development issues have been resolved, and the development team feels that the software is ready for use, Jinisys provides installation and implementation services for its custom software. Jinisys will ensure proper guidance to accompany an easy integration of the custom software into the business system.


Custom Software Development does not merely stop at the installation stage. Jinisys will properly monitor a system’s performance in the real-world application and persistently resolve any issues that may arise throughout the utilization of the software.

Despite the long and tedious processes listed here in order to acquire a fully-able customized software for your business, you are ensured of a technological system that is fully capable of satisfying your business’s technological needs. Purchasing ready-made software that isn’t customizable may seem like the easier, and more cost-effective means of improving your business system, but it’s often proved to produce mediocre performance in terms of efficiency and productivity. In the Philippine based business, it is always wise to invest in assets that maximize the principles of efficiency and productivity, because these directly correlate to increases in a company’s profitability and marketability as well.

Jojo Balagosa

Jojo Balagosa

Sales and Marketing Manager at Jinisys Software Inc.
A software Consultant for hospitality and real estate solutions in the Philippines. General manager for sales and marketing for Jinisys Software. You may follow me on Jojo Balagosa
Jojo Balagosa

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