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Warehouse Management System

Are you finding it difficult to track orders and stocks available in your warehouse? It can be quite a task when done manually. Consider the Warehouse Management System designed to facilitate an efficient and effective way to manage the operations of a warehouse. This system brings to you a very unique yet easily adoptable program to automate the process in your storage. It is designed to keep track of the minutest movement of items in and out of warehouse effortlessly and in a systematic manner.

A friendly user interface and an efficient management helps the inventory personnel to process the requests in a very orderly manner. This prevents errors and other mistakes that may happen during manual computing of orders. With the data all stocked up you have the option of generating reports from the system and analyze the business to yield better results. Automation leaves you with a lot of spare time which can be productively used towards the growth of the business.

Salient Features
  • Easily configurable to suit the specific requirement of your warehouse.
  • Reporting feature enables in analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of the complex processes in the warehouse. These exportable reports are significant to project the growth of your business.
  • Maintain all the required details about the product including information about the location, printing tags and quantities.
  • With real time data this system can query the client inventory in no time.
  • Each request is processed keeping the stock and processes to be completed in view. This brings more clarity to each request which enables the warehouse personnel in making achievable promises to the customers.
  • The dispatch requests and delivery notifications are send automatically once the system is updated with the required information.
  • Every terminal user of this system is given certain security roles which permits and restricts them while viewing information and providing approvals. This is vital to maintain the credibility of data entered in the system.

5 Functions

Better Management of Inventory
Clarity regarding the inventory is the one of major function of the warehouse management system. A high level of accuracy is maintained which prevents overstock of products in the warehouse; having the potential to lead to losses in the long term. This system will enable you to maintain a safe level of stocks in each item category thus saving precious space in your storage area. You also have the option of defining storage areas for each category of products resulting in a more organized facility.

Optimum Utilization of Workforce
WMS enables you to keep track of resource utilization. Better organization results in more productivity in the warehouse. The figures entered by the employees help in understanding the level of work done. This assists in achieving the optimum level of resource usage and provides pointers to make decisions regarding the workforce. Re-allocation of employees to the right department and hiring of individuals can be conducted very efficiently. WMS also makes training of new members easier and supervised.

Customer Satisfaction
WMS records details of each request from the date the request was received to the day it is expected to be realized. It keeps track of all activities required to be completed to fulfill the service level agreement. This contributes positively to the relationship with the customer and assists in building it up in the long run. Analyzing each of the customer’s requirements will also assist in placing your inventory in the right place to facilitate a faster delivery. No more penalties for failing to deliver in time. Money saved is money earned.

Better Management of Resources
WMS captures the details of all your equipments like forklift trucks, pallet jacks etc. Usage of the equipments is managed in a better way. Depending on the hours each of your equipments have been used you can schedule for a servicing to prevent wear and tear of the machinery. This goes a long way in efficiently using your costly investments.

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