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A property management system (PMS), without a doubt, is very helpful for hotel owners out there looking to get things done within their business in a much easier manner. While many agree how useful PMS are, there are some who may not know exactly what they need in their PMS.

The following are some of the key features that you need to look for if you are in search for a PMS for your hotel:

Flexibility of Services

This may sound broad, but it is imperative to look for a PMS flexible enough to adjust to how you run your business. Your PMS should have the capability to adapt to the changes in your business and in the industry as a whole to make sure you will not find yourself in a predicament where your business just cannot keep up with the competition simply because your PMS could not provide you the updates your business needs. This may include changes like adjustment of configuration, refocusing of market, and so on.

On-premise or Cloud

These are the two options you can take if you are buying a PMS. On-premise is the type of PMS that requires hardware installed within your hotel while cloud is the type of PMS that has more flexibility as everything is done in the web. Between the two, cloud-based PMS has more upside as data security and backups are easier to maintain. The best part with cloud is it has almost zero maintenance cost since the provider will be the one to handle the maintenance for you, and service will be faster in case of updates, repairs, and so on because the work is done remotely without interrupting your business. However, if your location often gets connectivity problems, on-premise can still give you what you need.

Interface integration

Your PMS provider must be able to effortlessly integrate with any existing applications you might already have installed within your hotel. Multiple systems are usually utilized by modern hotels to manage each facet of their business, and your PMS provider must be able to handle the integration, and even serve as the central hub so communication between systems is made possible. It should also support real-time communication so you can prevent delays and discrepancies in data between the installed systems that can cause inaccuracy, poor customer experience, and opportunities getting missed.

Online Booking

Buying things online has become a major trend with everyone around the globe, and booking a hotel is no exception. If you are buying PMS, look for those that can provide you online booking capabilities as it allows you direct connection to your potential guests without the need of seeing you face to face. It would also be great if your online booking system can provide service without the need of commissions or per-booking fees

User friendly

The main reason why you are getting a PMS is to ease up your life when dealing with your business. The last thing you want is to get a PMS that you can barely use or understand because of its complexity. It needs to be an easy to use tool that does not require long trainings for proficient use. Like any gadgets today, your PMS should help you get things done faster and not give you issues on how to use the product, which can lead to frustrations and lost of revenue due to delays in proficiency of its users.

Your PMS should be one of your greatest assets and not a liability. It should be able to streamline everyday tasks to help you achieve optimum productivity and not give you any problems during operations.


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