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The increase in population in Philippines is around 2% annually, this leads to a steady increase in the real estate requirements of the population. Philippines offer a variety of property options to its residents. From condominiums to individual villas; you will find all types of different property options categorized by price and location. This huge information store requires storing and managing data efficiently for a successful stint in this business sector. This article throws light on how important it is for you to have a real estate management system for managing your property business in Philippines effectively and effortlessly.

Manages Different Types of Properties

One of the primary requirements in property business is to keep track of the vacant and occupied houses in different locations around Philippines. Keeping a hard copy file is almost extinct; businesses now use at least excels files to store the property details. All these methods cause redundancy and lack of transparency. Real estate management system redefines clarity by tracking every minute detail of each property in graphical format and maintaining real time data with a sound database. These systems are designed to handle versatile condominium requirements where condos are let out for non residential purposes as well like offices, hotel rooms and storage. The system provides you all the details of a particular property in a glance. The display is color coded to help you understand the vacancy and occupancy details. So now you will get all the information you want about any property in Philippines within a few mouse clicks.

Automation of Processes

The system is designed to automate a number of processes like monthly reduction of property value and new property price calculations. These figures are self calculated by the system which saves you a lot of time when it comes to answering client clarifications. You will not have to waste even a second to wait and calculate the prices at any point of time. You also have the option of scheduling data backups at periodic intervals for data security. The system is also capable of generating forms and keeping logs for administrative purposes.

Transparent Accounting

This management system brings to you a whole new level of transparency. All the credit and debit transactions are logged in the system which gives you a clear understanding on the details of transactions. The system also gives you a view on the payment dues from different clients which assist you in following up and maintaining your accounts efficiently.  This feature is specifically advantageous in the case of condominiums which house a number of different residents or occupants. This is also helpful in smoothing out the auditing and reporting processes.

Improved Decisiveness

System calculated prices help you in determining the property prices in a particular area within a few mouse clicks. Reporting is another feature of this system that facilitates improved decision making and future planning. Exportable and customizable reports can be taken from the system with your choice of parameters and for selected periods. This is crucial for analysis of past sales and tenancy patterns. Proper analysis will help you decide on the future course of action.

Better Inventory and Employee Management

Real estate management system keeps track of the inventories and the employee work allocations. This gives you a view on the level of resource utilization. The system can be integrated to  SAP which fetches you partner and related inventory details. The system is configurable to define the editing and deleting rights of each of the users. Depending on the designation the users will be admitted to do a certain operations on the system and restricted from doing some others. This improves the credibility of the information stored in the system. You also get to understand the need of extra workforce whenever required. Apart from this the system comes in both web and desktop applications. Web applications are for brokers who would like to view real time data for discussing deals. Desktop applications are used by administrative and finance staffs.


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