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Hotel management is a huge industry and there are always questions being passed around.  One of the most recent big questions is: is hotel management software recommended?  The answer is, in today’s digital world, yes it is.  It is more than recommended, in most cases it is necessary to keep up with the level of business.  Here are five reasons software increases productivity in hotel management in the Philippines.

Online Booking Is Easier

A lot of hotels that don’t have management software use email to book hotel rooms.  Without management software there is no way to sync hotel room bookings when they are made online with those made in person or over the phone.  When you bring current stays and walk-ins it can become very difficult to keep track of everything.  Hotel management system software combines all of these into a seamless system that needs very little interaction from hotel employees to make run.

Check In Is Quicker and Easier

Customers don’t like to stand on the other side of the check in desk for a long period of time.  When you use a hotel software it speeds up the check-in process by narrowing down the information gathering to fields.  It also displays the available rooms.  Simply input the customer’s information into the system and click check-in.  Spread sheets and paper ledgers be gone.

When it comes to those who have booked online or provided their information over the phone it will all be ready via their reservation so there are even fewer questions that need to be asked at check-in.

The same thing that goes for the check-in process stands for the checkout process.  When all of the information is in the computer all you need to do is take the persons payment then print out a receipt.  The system then marks the room as ready for cleaning.  If a guest stays past checkout the system can notify you so you can charge them extra or provide a friendly reminder.

Individual Accounts and Layouts

Each employee will have their own account on the hotel management software.  This means that changes are easily tracked by what employee has made them.  Should there be a conflict or unexplainable change you can simply look up the employee that made the changes and speak with them.  It creates easy accountability.

Individual employee layouts allow team members to decide how they want the system to look and feel when they are looking at it.  This is possible in many hotel management software options.  When tailored to an employee they can interact with it quicker and easier.

Work From Anywhere

When you have hotel management software you can work from anywhere that works for you.  It is an obvious that front desk management computers are a must but many people don’t think about the other places that the software will need to be.  Cleaning services, security, hotel management offices, booking offices, and a variety of other individuals will need access to the software.  Hotel management software seamlessly connects almost any computer with authorization to the information that is needed.

Less Staff With Better Results

Without hotel management software you would need to have a larger staff base to have the same results.  With the management software you don’t have to worry about hiring additional staff to keep up with bookings.  Your current staff should be more than enough to work with a hotel software.

Many hotel management software companies don’t stop at providing the software, they also provide the support that you will need to stay up and running.  Should there be an error with software they can walk you through fixing it or fix it themselves.   They will also maintain your software so you can always have the most up to date features.

There are a lot of reasons that hotel management software will increase a hotels productivity and these are only the top five.  They will also help to cut costs because less employees are needed to run the systems and manage guest stays.  When you switch to a hotel management software you are saving yourself time, your team time, and saving money, most importantly though, you are increasing customer satisfaction.


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