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Jinisys Software as a property management provider offers condominium property management system in the Philippines. This article aims to emphasize  the importance of having a property management for condominiums.

Before learning about the system, what is a condominium? Condominium is type of housing tenure that enables selling or tenancy of a specific part of the real estate or property. Aside from residential use condos can also be a non-residential purpose like hotels rooms, offices, shops, dormitories, and storage. Most condominiums before are administered manually by  the real estate owners or managers in terms of their lot or unit selling, monitoring, maintenance and financial tracking. For large number of condominiums, manual management of each unit or property requires man power and frequent monitoring which makes the overall management inefficient and costly. This issue can be resolved using the right property management system. A system that should be designed and created just for condominium management, and that  is called condominium property management system.

Condominium property management system is a crucial tool for a successful condo management or in general, property management. With its features,  lot and unit handling becomes easy and accessible.

Jinisys Software is an expert on creating software solutions for property management. We have our product that is specifically designed to address the administration of most condo property management and financials. Below are some of the features being offered by our  software.


  • Designed for professional property managers
  • Manage rental properties, condos, homeowners
  • Accurate Accounting
  • Time saving features
  • Management for lease agreements, mortgages, licenses, and contracts documents
  • Provides reports of property and leasing information, facilities management, project management
  • Organizes property, tenant information, and tracking of work orders
  • Meets the needs of property managers in any type of Folio
  • Enables managers to keep track of lots or units per property, its value and status
  • Enables easy setup on pricing, payment, and sales of each unit
  • Provides a feature that tracks the payables for brokers, and receivables for monthly amortizations
  • Can be integrated with SAP Business One

All of the features above are found on our condo software, and can be customized according to your requirements and needs. Learn more about our products.

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Jojo Balagosa

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