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Points of sales systems are replacing the traditional cash registers for the better in Philippines. The POS has redefined the level of efficiency and accuracy in the sphere of sales. The system is designed to cater to a wide range of operations and is customizable for any specific business. These systems have made the work at the counter a whole lot easier and manageable. Administration and accounting are the other two areas which have seen significant improvement with the installation of this software. This article discusses the important of the point of sales software in Philippines.

Handles a Variety of Functions

There are many advantages that a point-of-sale software could have. POS Philippines is designed to automate and handle multiple functions at the sales point. Its primary function is to record and track every order placed and sales completed. The whole process takes lesser time compared to traditional methods of billing. Recording of sale details in the database help in bringing it up whenever required for analysis and verification. The interface of this system is very user friendly which facilitates faster response from the sales executive’s end.  Touch screen UI is provided to the sales teams for quicker turnaround time. For POS designed for restaurants, order tracking system and kitchen order routing are automated which avoids time lapses and minimizes liabilities. Reduced human intervention results in improved efficiency in this sphere.

Up To Date Records

Every detail entered in the system is updated to the database at regular intervals. The local database is synced with the SAP database as well to maintain integrity in data across locations. This allows hassle free tracking of inventory and facilitates the placement of orders for the required items timely. The sales executive also has the option of viewing the inventory details in the working system in case of any concerns. Maintaining real time data enables effective administration for the business managers. You can view all the transactions as and when it happens from the comforts of your office. This saves you a lot of time required to travel between your sales locations.

The access rights of each of the users in the system are restricted to allow only a certain set of operation to maintain the integrity of the data. This prevents anyone from changing any figures in the system. The administrative and finance teams are awarded the highest rights considering the level of information they require for their work. The system has the provision for recording logs of every update and deletion which keeps a tight check on any updates.

Easy Customization

The system is easily customizable to cater to any business specific requirements. You also have the option of configuring the fields and a few screen parameters at the onset. A central SAP database helps in keeping all the sales information on the same page. One update in the central database ripples out to all local databases which avoid discrepancies in pricing and item details. Learn more about our SAP Hotel Management Software.

Transparency in Accounts

All the credit and debit transactions are carried out in the system. And every minute detail is captured in the database from here. This keeps your accounting transparent and facilitates system computation of tax payable. This saves you a lot of time and effort. All the finance information is tracked to the point with proper dates. This is especially useful during the auditing processes. You also get a clear view on how much you spent on your inventory and profit margin monthly and annually. These figures are important from a business growth perspective.

Decision Support with Reports

Reporting is a key feature of this software. This software produces a number of configurable and exportable reports to assist in analysis and other business functions. The parameters and periods are specifiable while producing these reports from the system. These reports are important to conduct analysis and studies on the business trends and sales history. These details facilitate a sound business plan for the coming months and years. Sound decision support helps you in taking your business to higher levels of success.

Jojo Balagosa

Jojo Balagosa

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Jojo Balagosa

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