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Cebu, Philippines – Jinisys Software one of the pioneer providers of hotel solutions in the Philippines launches Folio+ Cloud. Folio+ Cloud, a web-based hotel management system that aim to address the limitations of desktop-based hotel reservation systems. Jinisys Software offers free 6-months product subscription to any hotel in the Philippines. All hoteliers are invited to take advantage of this limited offer.


An article written by Jojo Balagosa (head marketing specialist of Jinisys Software):

Over the years there have been many different ways to keep track of those who visit your hotel.  From the most basic method of holding something they care for while the key is being held to signing log books to keeping spreadsheets.  More recently there has been computer programs known as reservation systems that have made managing hotels a synch.  Now cloud based software like Folio+ Cloud have made it even better.  Here are the advantages of using a cloud based reservation system.

Seamless Integration

Cloud based software is top of the line, it is one of the most recently developed software solutions.  As such, these programs will seamlessly integrate with other business management software and business software in general.  For example, Folio+ Cloud can work alongside SAP Business One and Call Accounting.

Faster Check-In

With cloud based software check-in becomes even quicker.  Most of the information has already been input by the time the customer comes to check-in.  The person will just need to give you their name and possibly a phone number or reservation number.  The rest of the information will be filled in from the cloud’s data.  This means less filling out of paperwork at check-in and less questions that need to be asked.

Anywhere, Anytime

Cloud based software is great because you can access it anytime you want anywhere you want or need.  There are a lot of different people who might need access to the hotel reservation system, your housekeeping staff, front desk staff, managers, reservation teams, and in-house stores/restaurants.  By having the software cloud based not only is the software accessible anywhere but the data is too.  Typically all you need is an internet connection and a computer that meets the hardware requirements.  Many applications will also allow you to specify where users can access the cloud based software from so they can’t access it offsite unless you give them permission.

Anywhere access is most important when you use an off-site reservation team like a lot of hotels have started to do.  These off-site teams can’t simply send paper documents to your hotel and sending emails is sloppy because they cannot automatically use that data.  With a cloud based software the reservation along with the guests information is already in the system.

Easy Calendar

Reservations made through cloud based software can be automatically plotted on calendars so that you can view upcoming and past stays.  Being able to view them on a calendar is important because staff can plan for check-ins and you will be able to compare reservations versus scheduled events.  Planning and knowledge goes to make the check-in process even easier.

Better Housekeeping Tracking and Monitoring

Many people consider hotel housekeeping to be a simple and easy job.  It isn’t though and anyone in hotel management knows it.  You have to track item inventory, minibar status, transferring of room items, and more.  With cloud based software you are able to track all of these items not only at the front desk but also from housekeeping carts/offices.

Checkout and Cashiering

Another benefit to having cloud based software is everything is already input and ready when it comes to checkout.  You will know the extra charges incurred by the guest and they will be calculated automatically.  It makes the process quicker and easier for both hotel staff and the guests.  It also gives you the option to breakdown transactions for your customers.

Easy Accountability

When all of the information is available in one system online it makes it really easy for managers to pull reports on any factor of the hotel that they want to.  Managers can easily print reports about hotel charges, reservation statistics, minibar stocks, and more.  It becomes really easy to make sure your team is operating at their best, honestly.

Easy Improvement

Just like with accountability those same reports can be used to enhance operations.  Managers, supervisors, and other management crew can see any areas the hotel is falling behind on.  Once you know where your team is falling behind you can implement targeted improvements.  It is hard to improve any business without being able to do this.

Cloud based reservation systems in the Philippines and around the world are already changing how hotels operate.  It is making it easier, quicker, and more affordable to manage reservations along with the rest of the hotel stay process.  It also makes everyone involved more accountable.

Jojo Balagosa

Jojo Balagosa

Sales and Marketing Manager at Jinisys Software Inc.
A software Consultant for hospitality and real estate solutions in the Philippines. General manager for sales and marketing for Jinisys Software. You may follow me on Jojo Balagosa
Jojo Balagosa

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